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Research student at Great court

Resources for postgraduate research (HDR) students

Find scholarships to support you while you uncover the answers to your unknowns

Follow your passion for research

Scholarships give you the financial security to focus on your research and get the most out of your postgraduate studies.  

It’s important to start your scholarship search early because postgraduate research (HDR) scholarship applications are often due months in advance.  

You might be surprised by how many you’re eligible for, so take some time to find out what’s on offer.  

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Research student at St Lucia

Funding types for postgraduate research (HDR) scholarships

As a postgraduate research (HDR) student, you can apply for multiple scholarships based on different research funding types to support you while you study.   

Living stipend

The major scholarships are living stipends, these offer ~$32K per year (tax free) in fortnightly payments to help cover your living costs. 


If you're on a living stipend scholarship you could be eligible for a top-up scholarship to supplement your living  stipend.

Financial award

Grants and bursaries are usually given as a one-off award, and you can usually only receive one per academic year. You could receive funds to support extra-curricular activities, so it's worth taking the time to find out what you could apply for. 


If you're going on a trip as part of your studies, we have scholarships that provide travel allowance to cover your travel costs. 


Our accommodation scholarships can cover the full costs of your accommodation fees at an approved provider, or support you with a one-off stay if you’re travelling for your studies. 

Scholarships explained 

Not sure where to start? We've put together a short guide that explains all the types of scholarships we have, and what you need to do to find and apply for them.  

View scholarships explained guide

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We’re here to answer all your scholarships questions.  


If you’re a domestic or international student and you want to study (or are currently studying) a PhD, MPhil or professional doctorate, our team at the Graduate School can help. 

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