The Mr and Mrs Ho Engineering Scholarship


Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students
Level of study Undergraduate
Study area Engineering and Computing
Scholarship value Approximately equal to the annual income from the endowment.
Scholarship duration Up to three years
Number awarded One
Opening date 1 February 2020
Closing date 16 March 2020


The Mr and Mrs Ho Engineering Scholarship was established in 2019 under the Create Change Scholarship Match Initative and is maintained by an endowed gift from an alumnus to honour their parents.

Mr and Mrs Ho are good role models to family, friends and the wider community. Mr Ho is the first of five siblings to receive a state sponsored scholarship to pursue a diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1971. He has since built a successful career spanning Malaysia and Indonesia. Mrs Ho is the eldest of seven siblings. She grew the family business helping to put her siblings through school. Together, Mr and Mrs Ho have been loving, dedicated and faithful to their three children, all of whom have completed their university studies and are contributing members of society.


An applicant is eligible for the Scholarship, if the applicant:

  • can demonstrate financial need.
  • submits an application to the Associate Dean, by the closing date for applications;
  • is a domestic student in accordance with the University’s Student Fees Policy;
  • is enrolled full-time in an Approved Program;
  • has completed at least 12 units but less than 27 units towards an Approved Program;
  • does not already hold a university qualification;
Applications are closed.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

How to apply

Please submit the online application form by the due date.

Selection criteria

1. For the selection process, the Associate Dean must establish a selection committee, comprising:

  • the Associate Dean, or nominee, as chair of the committee; and
  • at least one academic staff member who is currently teaching in an Approved Program.

2. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • evidence of financial need;
  • personal qualities including leadership potential, community service and/or engagement
  • academic achievement in courses undertaken to date; and
  • any other matter that the selection committee considers to be relevant to the applicant's future success in the engineering profession.

3. The selection committee may decide to interview shortlisted applicants.

Applications are closed.

Scholarship rules


Mrs Gail Smith, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
(+61) 7 3365 3853
Applications are closed.

Terms and conditions

1. The recipient may hold the Scholarship for up to three years, subject to the recipient:

  • continuing to be enrolled full-time in an Approved Program; and
  • maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress in each semester that the Scholarship is held.

2. If a recipient fails to satisfy rule 6(1), the recipient must show cause to the Associate Dean why the Scholarship should not be cancelled.

3. The Scholarship may not be deferred.

Termination of scholarship

The University may terminate a Scholarship:

  • if the recipient does not show cause to the reasonable satisfaction of the University as provided for in rule 6(2);
  • once the maximum duration of the Scholarship has lapsed; or
  • if the student commits serious misconduct.


In these rules:

Approved Program means the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), or engineering integrated program, or an engineering dual program.

Associate Dean means the Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

Satisfactory Academic Progress means meeting the requirements to remain enrolled under the University’s Academic Progression Policy.

Scholarship means the Mr and Mrs Ho Engineering Scholarship.

Applications are closed.