March, Kidd, Teo, Thomson, Walsh Dentistry Undergraduate Scholarship


Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students, International students
Level of study Undergraduate
Study area Health and Behavioural Sciences
Scholarship value $4,500
Scholarship duration 1 year
Number awarded 1
Opening date 20 July 2021
Closing date 22 August 2021


Established in 2020 by Dr Sandra March, Dr Bruce Kidd, Dr Hiow Hoong Teo, Associate Professor David Thomson, Dr Monica Thomson and Professor Laurence Walsh AO under the Create Change Scholarship Match Initiative. The Scholarship will be maintained by income generated from the endowment fund.


An applicant is eligible for the Scholarship, if the applicant –

(a) can demonstrate financial need;

(b) submits an application to the Head, by the closing date for applications; and

(c) is enrolled in the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) program at UQ

(d) does not hold another scholarship that the Head considers to be similar.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

How to apply

Applicants should be currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) program at UQ.

To apply, students must complete an application via the “apply online” button.

Selection criteria

The Scholarship is awarded on the basis of the following criteria –

  1. evidence of financial need;
  2.  personal qualities, including leadership potential;
  3. strength of the applicant’s personal statement demonstrating how the Scholarship funds will assist completion of the student’s program; and
  4. any other matter that the selection committee considers to be relevant to the applicant's future success in the dental profession.

The selection committee may interview shortlisted applicants.


Paul Purcel