HASS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship


Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students
Level of study Undergraduate
Study area Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Scholarship value $4,500
Number awarded 1
Opening date 1 June 2021
Closing date 30 June 2021


The purpose of the Scholarship is to support undergraduate Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students at The University of Queensland who are experiencing financial hardship. This scholarship was established in 2020 under the Create Change Scholarship Match Initiative and maintained by the HASS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship Endowment Fund.


An applicant is eligible for the award of a scholarship in a year if, in that year they:

  • are enrolled in an undergraduate program administered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at UQ
  • are an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • are a domestic student
  • can demonstrate financial hardship.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

How to apply

Please submit an online application by Wednesday 30 June.

Selection criteria

The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria -

  1. demonstrated financial need; and
  2. academic capability and future academic potential.


HASS Scholarships


Approved Program means any undergraduate program administered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland.

Associate Dean means the Associate Dean (Indigenous Engagement), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person means a person who can provide compelling evidence of their Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status. Confirmation of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status under the common seal of a community organisation may be provided. Where exceptional circumstances apply, statutory declarations and other forms of documentation may be considered. Original or certified copies of supporting documentation must be provided.

Minimum Completion Time means the minimum period of time it would take to complete the Approved Program based on enrolment in 8 units per semester in semester 1 and semester 2 each year or 16 units per calendar year. Students awarded the Scholarship part way through a program will hold the Scholarship for the minimum duration for completion of their current program, less the time already enrolled. Where a recipient undertakes a subsequent related

honours program approved by the Associate Dean, it must be commenced in the semester immediately following completion of their Bachelor program.

PVC(IE) means the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement).

Satisfactory Academic Progress means meeting the requirements to remain enrolled under the University’s Academic Progression Procedure.

Scholarship means the HASS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship.