About scholarships at UQ

You might be surprised by how many scholarships you are eligible for at UQ.

We offer more scholarships than any other university in the state, so you should take some time to research everything we have on offer.

Depending on the rules and conditions of the scholarship you apply for, it might be possible to hold more than one scholarship at once – so, read all rules and conditions closely.

Study area scholarships

Many scholarships are offered for certain academic disciplines. These scholarships might be for students enrolled in a specific degree, school or faculty, or for students who are researching or studying a particular topic.

Study area scholarships open and close throughout the year, so it’s important to regularly check which opportunities you might be eligible for.

Research scholarships

Funding for HDR scholarships may come from UQ, the Australian Government, private donors, international organisations, or other sources. Whether you’re new to HDR study or an existing HDR student, it’s always worth checking which scholarships have opened recently.

Scholarships might provide funding for:

  • tuition fees
  • living expenses
  • travel
  • other costs.

Equity scholarships

At UQ, we strongly believe that all students deserve equal access to education. Equity scholarships are designed to financially support students from low socio-economic, disadvantaged or under-represented backgrounds.

Sporting scholarships

UQ is the greatest sporting university in Australia, so it makes sense that we offer scholarships for sporting excellence.

Sporting scholarships may be awarded to new and current UQ students who have exceptional ability in their chosen sport.

UQ is accredited by the Australian Sports Commission as an Elite Athlete Friendly University, which means we support students to balance their academic studies with elite-level competition.

UQ Academic Scholarships Program

The UQ Academic Scholarships Program is our flagship undergraduate scholarship scheme. Three scholarships are offered in the program:

  • UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships
  • UQ Excellence Scholarships
  • UQ Merit Scholarships.

Up to 150 scholarships are awarded through the program each year.

Employability Grants

At UQ, we know that finding a job goes beyond your degree – it’s also about all those soft skills that can’t be taught in classrooms, like life experience, people skills or attitude.

That’s why we’ve developed the Employability Grant, which is designed to let UQ students enhance their employability through activities including exchange, global opportunities, entrepreneurial activities, and volunteering.

We believe that different experiences will make you a better person – and more employable as well.