At a glance

Available to: 
Future Student
Level of study: 
Postgraduate Coursework
Year of study: 
1st year
International student
Additional requirements: 
  • Mature Age

Awarded to a student from India studying postgraduate coursework.

Award value:
Award value 50% of tuition fees
The value of the scholarship is 50% of the tuition fees payable for the minimum number of units required to complete the program by the student who is awarded the scholarship, for each semester for which it is held.
Duration of program
Applications open: 
13 January 2017
Applications close: 
31 October 2017
  • Eligibility

    An applicant is eligible for the scholarship, if the applicant -

    • (a) submits an application to the Head, by the closing date for applications; and
    • (b) is a citizen of India; and
    • (c) achieved a GPA (or overseas equivalent) of 80% over 7 semesters of undergraduate studies or 75% over 8 semesters of undergraduate studies at a higher education institution in India; and
    • (d) is able to commence as an international student in Australia on a student visa.
The scholarship was established in 2011 and is maintained by the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosicences, Faculty of Science, The University Queensland.
Number awarded per year: 
Award benefits: 
Fee reduction