Real-time Analytics on Urban Trajectory Data for Road Traffic Management - PhD Scholarships


Enrolment status New students, Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students, International students
Level of study Higher Degree by Research
Study area Engineering and Computing
HDR funding type Living stipend scholarship, Top-up Scholarship, Tuition Scholarship
Scholarship value $28,092 per annum tax-free (2020 rate), indexed annually. A top-up of $5,000 per annum will also be offered.
Scholarship duration Three years with the possibility of two 6-month extensions in approved circumstances.
Number awarded 2
Opening date 24 September 2019
Closing date 27 October 2019

Scholarship description

Two PhD scholarships are available as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project titled “Real-time Analytics on Urban Trajectory Data for Road Traffic Management”. The overall aim of this ARC Linkage project is to develop real-time analytics and data management capabilities that leverage large-scale urban trajectory data to provide road operators with real-time insights into population movements and enable data-driven, customer-centric network operations. Current traffic management practices rely heavily on aggregate vehicle count data from fixed road sensors, which have limitations in accurately measuring traffic demand and network congestion propagation. We seek to develop innovative technologies to use a wide variety of data sources, especially massive trajectories of vehicles moving across the network, to better understand people's travel demands and road usage patterns and thus better manage the transport system.

The PhD projects will focus on one of the following objectives: (1) to develop methods to reconstruct complete, semantically rich trajectories of road users by combining raw trajectories from multiple data sources, (ii) to develop methods to estimate and predict dynamic movements of road users in real-time using multi-source trajectory data, and (iii) to develop network-wide traffic management strategies that leverage real-time population movement insights.

The successful PhD candidates will work as a team with researchers from UQ Transport Engineering Group within the School of Civil Engineering and UQ Data Science Research Group within the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, as well as industry partners from Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and Transmax Pty Ltd.

The successful candidates will have flexibility to enrol through either the School of Civil Engineering or the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.


To be eligible, you must meet the entry requirements for a higher degree by research.

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Before you apply

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How to apply

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Selection criteria

The successful applicant will have the following:         

  • Background in transportation engineering, computer science, information technology, applied statistics or a closely related area
  • Strong analytical skills including familiarity with a programming language such as Python, C/C++, R, or Matlab
  • Excellent mathematical and statistical skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
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Dr Jiwon Kim
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Terms and conditions

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A domestic part-time student with carer’s responsibilities, a medical condition or a disability, which prevents them from studying full time may be eligible for scholarship consideration, on a case by case basis.

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