Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment


Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students, International students
Level of study Higher Degree by Research
Study area Agriculture and Environment, Science and Mathematics
HDR funding type Grant, Travel Scholarship
Scholarship value $7,500 per annum, $22,500 in total
Scholarship duration Renewable for up to 3 years
Opening date 1 May 2020
Closing date 31 May 2020


The Ecological Society of Australia has teamed up with the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment to invite applications for post-graduate student research support in ecology, wildlife management and natural history studies. 

Grants of up to $7,500 will be awarded for the purchase of equipment,  supplies, travel to study areas and conferences  to  assist students  going  into  the  field and  publishing  their  results.


An applicant is eligible for award if they are:

  • Preference will be given to students at an early stage of a Doctoral program. Masters and Honours projects will normally not be supported.
  • For post-graduate student research support in ecology, wildlife management and natural history studies.
  • Eligibility  is limited to Universities in Australia. Grants are not available to individuals but are made only to organisations to which gifts are deductible under Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth).
Applications are closed.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

How to apply

Please download the application form and submit the completed form online with the requested documents, including the institutional authorization.

It is important that you refer to the guidelines to ensure that your application will be eligible and that your research project will fit within the scope of the Endowment.

Applicants must submit a completed application form by 11:59pm, Sunday 31 May 2020.

Selection criteria

The Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment invites applications for post-graduate student research support in three general areas are especially encouraged:

  1. Field work on Australian native plants and animals to gain understanding of ecological interactions, population dynamics, animal behaviour, and species distribution
  2. Conservation biology and biodiversity studies relating to the management of protected areas and rare or threatened species in Australia
  3. Wildlife management relating to sport hunting, harvesting, pest control, management  of non-game animals, and effect of land management on native species.

Preference will be given to students at an early stage of a Doctoral program.

Applications are closed.


Dr Jenny Horn, Graduate School
Applications are closed.

Terms and conditions

Applications for the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment must be approved by the university Graduate School prior to submission. Applications submitted without the knowledge or consent of the university may be declined. Applicants can upload a copy of the complete Certification in the designated section in order to confirm that the university approves of the submission.

The University will not disclose the information that you provide in your application to a third party without your consent, unless such disclosure is authorised or required by law.  For further information, please refer to the University’s Privacy Management Policy.

The Grant Conditions below apply to all grants associated with the Ecological Society of Australia.

  1. The Grantee will use the whole of the Grant exclusively for the Project as described in the Grant Application and not for any other purpose.
  2. The Grantee will use its best endeavour to complete the Project usually within 12 months from the date or receipt of the Grant or in the case of multiple year grants as specified by the Grantor (the “Specified Period”).
  3. The  Grantee  will  promptly   advise  the  Grantor  of any material change which may affect the Grantee’s ability to undertake or complete the Project within the Specified Period.
  4. The Grantee will expend the Grant only within Australia and where specified within the particular State or Territory (with the exception of Government accredited Australian Overseas Aid Agencies).
  5. The Grantee will show the Grant separately in its books of account and keep records adequate to enable the use of grant funds to be checked readily.
  6. The Grantee will acknowledge the assistance of the Grantor in any published or display material.
  7. The Grantee will give the Grantor an annual Progress Report (in the case of multiple year grants) and a Final Report within two months of completion of the project. The Grantor will send the Grantee instructions for accessing the template report.
Applications are closed.