Geotechnical Engineering Scholarship


Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students, International students
Level of study Undergraduate
Study area Engineering and Computing
Scholarship value $10,000
Scholarship duration 1 year
Number awarded Up to 4
Opening date 17 February 2020
Closing date 16 March 2020


The scholarships were established in 2012 and are maintained by an annual gift from the Geotechnical Engineering Centre (GEC), funded by the Centre’s Industry Partners. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and support meritorious second or third year students studying within the Bachelor of Engineering Program in the dual major of civil and geotechnical engineering or mining and geotechnical engineering.


An applicant is eligible for the scholarship, if the applicant-

(a) submits an application to the Associate Dean, by the closing date for applications; and
(b) is a domestic or international student in accordance with The University's Fee Policy; and
(c) is enrolled full-time in an Approved Program in the Relevant Dual Major; and
(d) has completed at least 12 units, but not more than 43 units towards an Approved program; and
(e) does not hold another scholarship that the Associate Dean considers to be similar.

Additional benefits

(1) The GEC may offer the recipient any of the following opportunities-

(a) thesis mentoring;
(b) an ambassadorial role;
(c) vacation employment with industry partners, of any duration, at any site, during the period in which the recipient holds the Scholarship, as determined by the GEC, in consultation with the recipient and industry partners;
(d) a vacation research scholarship attached to the GEC at UQ.

(2) If the recipient is required to relocate away from their normal place of residence to undertake vacation employment, the industry partner (employer) will pay travel expenses and a contribution towards living expenses, reasonably incurred by the recipient.

Applications are closed.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

How to apply

The scholarship will be available in February, 2020.

Selection criteria

The scholarship is awarded to the applicant showing greatest merit as demonstrated by-

(a) academic achievement in courses undertaken to date; and
(b) personal qualities, including leadership potential; and
(c) any other qualities that the selection committee considers to be relevant to the applicant's future success in the Geotechnical Engineering profession.

The selection committee will award the scholarships in proportion to the students enrolled in each of the dual major programs, except in circumstances where the applicants in a dual major are deemed not sufficiently meritorious.

The selection committee may interview short-listed applicants.

Applications are closed.


Mrs Gail Smith, Faculty of EAIT
+61 7 3365 3853
Applications are closed.

Terms and conditions

7(1)    The recipient may hold the Scholarship for 1 year, subject to the recipient-

(a)    continuing to be enrolled full-time in an Approved Program in a Relevant Dual Major; and
(b)    passing all courses in the first semester of the Scholarship; and
(c)    not gaining or holding another scholarship that the Associate Dean considers to be similar; and
(d)    conducting themselves in a professional manner in any interactions with or on behalf of GEC and its employees and representatives .

7(2)    If a recipient fails to satisfy rule 7(1), the recipient must show cause to the Associate Dean why the Scholarship should not be cancelled.
(3)    The Scholarship may not be deferred or interrupted.
(4)    The award of a Scholarship does not restrict the recipient from applying for another Scholarship in a subsequent year of study.

The University may terminate a Scholarship:

(a)    if the recipient does not show cause to the reasonable satisfaction of the Associate Dean as provided for in rule 7(2); or
(b)    once the maximum duration of the Scholarship has lapsed; or
(c)    if the recipient defers or interrupts their study; or
(d)    if the student commits serious misconduct.


In these rules-
Associate Dean means the Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.
Approved Program means the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program or the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Science dual program or the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Mathematics dual program.
GEC means the Geotechnical Engineering Centre and its industry partners.
Relevant Dual Major means civil and geotechnical engineering or mining and geotechnical engineering.
Scholarship means the Geotechnical Engineering Scholarships.

Applications are closed.