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Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top-up Scholarship

Enrolment status
Future UQ student, Current UQ student
Student type
Domestic, International
Study level
Postgraduate research (HDR)
Study area
Engineering, Science and mathematics
Scholarship focus
Academic excellence, Experiences and employability
Funding type
Scholarship value
$10,000 per annum
Scholarship duration
Up to 4 years
Number awarded
May vary
Applications open
1 August 2022
Applications close
15 August 2022

About this scholarship

This is an Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) Entrepreneurial PhD top-up scholarship for outstanding students with a view to support their career development and industry readiness.   

The top-up scholarship features a range of professional development activities to develop research graduate attributes, particularly focusing on entrepreneurship and research commercialisation.  These include: 

  • the Liveris Academy Program
  • specialised courses in creativity and design thinking, entrepreneurial leadership, strategic management, and research commercialisation 
  • UQ Ventures programs; and
  • a 3-month industry placement to learn the business of research translation.  

Successful candidates will also complete UQ’s Career Development Framework throughout the course of their PhD, with completion of the program qualifying them for a six-month scholarship extension (maximum of four years).  The top-up scholarship will recognise the additional requirements for completing the professional development activities, including an industry placement.  


You are eligible if you:

Please note: students who have previously applied for this top-up scholarship cannot apply again.

How to apply

To be considered for this top-up scholarship you will need to submit a two-page motivational statement and a copy of your resume via UQ StudentHub by the application closing date.

Selection criteria

Applications will be judged on a competitive basis taking into account your:

  • previous academic record,
  • publication record, 
  • honours and awards, 
  • employment history, and
  • criteria addressed in the motivational statement. 

The following criteria must be addressed in the motivational statement: 

  1. motivation/s for pursuing the UQ Entrepreneurial PhD Top-up Scholarship in addition to PhD study. 

  2. evidence of personal qualities and experiences including – 

    1. leadership potential, community service and/or engagement 

    2. demonstrated capacity and willingness to actively participate in, and positively contribute to, co-curricular activities at UQ 

    3. demonstrated capacity and willingness to overcome challenges. 

  3. demonstrated understanding of how the UQ Entrepreneurial PhD Top-up Scholarship and associated activities will contribute to your career development. 

  4. any other matter that the selection committee considers to be relevant to the applicant's future success at UQ and in their subsequent career. 


Top-up Scholarships will be renewed annually pending a review of student participation in the activity requirements.  If participation has been considered unsatisfactory, the top-up scholarship may not be renewed

A domestic part-time student with carer’s responsibilities, a medical condition or a disability, which prevents them from studying full time may be eligible for scholarship consideration, on a case by case basis. UQ Research Scholarships terms and conditions