Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students
Level of study Postgraduate
Study area Medicine
Scholarship value $10,000 (2 payments of $5,000 subject to scholarship rules)
Scholarship duration 1 year
Number awarded 3
Opening date 19 May 2021
Closing date 2 June 2021


The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and support Doctor of Medicine students who are undertaking studies in rural areas. 


An applicant is eligible for the Scholarship, if the applicant –

(a)     submits an application to the Associate Dean by the advertised closing date for applications;

(b)     is a domestic student in accordance with the university’s Fee Policy;

(c)     is enrolled full-time in the Doctor of Medicine;

(d)     can provide documentary evidence of financial need;

(e)     is undertaking a placement at a health site in a Rural Area; and

(f)      does not hold another scholarship that the Associate Dean considers to be similar.

Additional benefits

Established in 2020 by The Collier Charitable Fund to provide financial support to students undertaking studies in rural areas.

Applications are closed.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

How to apply

Please complete and submit the following documents to by the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

  • Application Cover Page
  • Student Income Statement
  • Personal statement of no more than 200 words, outlining your financial need and how the funds would be used should you be successful

Selection criteria

The Scholarship is awarded to the applicant showing greatest merit based on-

(a)     evidence of financial need; and

(b)     a  personal statement

If there are two applicants of equal merit, preference should be given to the applicant who is from the most Rural or Regional Background.

Applications are closed.


Desirée George
Applications are closed.

Terms and conditions

(1)           The recipient may hold the Scholarship up to 1 year, subject to the recipient –

(a)     continuing to be enrolled full-time in the Doctor of Medicine; and

(b)     continuing to undertake placements at a health site in a Rural Area; and

(c)    achieving an overall GPA of 4.0 for each semester of study and passing all courses in which they are enrolled.

(2)           If a recipient fails to satisfy rule 6(1), the recipient must show cause to the Associate Dean, why the Scholarship should not be cancelled.

(3)           The Scholarship may not be deferred or interrupted.


Associate Dean means the Associate Dean (Academic) for the Faculty of Medicine.

Rural Or Regional Background means you must have lived in a geographic region classified as Remoteness Area 2 (RA2), Remoteness Area 3 (RA3), Remoteness Area 4 (RA4), Remoteness Area 5 (RA5), for at least five consecutive years, or for at least 10 years cumulatively. Remoteness Areas are defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard – Remoteness Area structure (ASGS -RA).

Rural Area if within Queensland means all of Queensland except those areas encompassed by the following local government areas-

(a)     Brisbane City Council

(b)     Gold Coast City

(c)     Ipswich City

(d)     Logan City

(e)     Moreton Bay Regional

(f)      Redland City

Scholarship means the Collier Rural Health Scholarship in Medicine.

Applications are closed.