Candidate Development Award (CDA)


Enrolment status Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students, International students
Level of study Higher Degree by Research
Study area All study areas
HDR funding type Travel Scholarship
Scholarship value Up to $5000
Opening date 1 February 2020
Closing date 1 February 2020

Scholarship description

********Information about the renewed CDA will be released in February 2020******

The Candidate Development Award (CDA) is an award focusing on supporting HDR students who undertake a Graduate School approved placement and the skills development through this experience – skills that are transferable, cross-disciplinary, and professional. These skills will enhance employment opportunities after the degree.  

The CDA supports associated travel costs for UQ HDR Students undertaking a Graduate School approved placement. Up to $5000 is available, with justification.

Research-specific activities, such as lab visits, or visits to co-supervisors, are not supported.


********Information about the renewed CDA will be released in February 2020******

To be eligible, you must: 

  • Have successfully completed your HDR confirmation at the time of application
  • not have submitted your thesis at the time of travel
  • be enrolled full-time at UQ – part-time students are eligible to apply but must be enrolled full time while overseas
  • have no overdue milestone at the time of application
  • not have previously held a UQ Graduate School International Travel Award (GSITA) or Candidate Development Award (CDA). Other travel grants are acceptable.
  • Have been approved and accepted an offer to undertake a Graduate School approved Placement

The Candidate Development Award (CDA) supports associated travel costs for UQ Research Students undertaking a Graduate School approved Placement. It does not fund conference travel or any other activities for travel.

Before you apply

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them before applying.

How to apply

********Information about the renewed CDA will be released in February 2020******

Before submitting your application, read the application guide. 

To submit your application, apply through my.UQ using the CDA form after applications open. You will need to attach:

  • Application form (Avaliable in January 2020)
  • CDA Budget Spreadsheet (XLS, 40KB)
  • Supporting documents in a format as outlined in the application guide.
  • Graduate School issued Placement offer letter

Important dates

Event Date
Placement information session  Tuesday 14 January, 2020
Placement information session  Tuesday 11 February, 2020


Selection criteria

Travel should be specifically in support of:

  • Graduate School approved HDR Placement 
    • The Graduate School defines an HDR placement as an industry experience with an approved project breif that spans between 30-40 working days (attend an info session).
    • Research visits or collaborations at universities will not be supported.
    • Supporting Evidence: You must have a Graduate School issued letter of offer submitted with your application.

Activities such as visits to co-supervisors, or data collection/field work/thesis experiments are not supported.


Graduate School
(07) 3346 0503

Terms and conditions

********Information about the renewed CDA will be released in February 2020******

Read the following terms and conditions carefully. 

  • Applicants who do not have a Graduate School approved Placement at time of application will not be considered
  • Any changes to the Placement commencement dates requires prior approval from the Graduate School. Failure to obtain the approval may forfeit the award. Retroactive changes will not be approved. 
  • All travel must demonstrate a contiguous and coherent itinerary of activities. For instance, multiple disjointed journeys will not be considered.
  • Applicants are responsible for arranging appropriate UQ travel insurance.
  • Funding cannot be used to undertake an activity and travel that is essential to the completion of the thesis. This includes travel to meet with members of a candidate’s advisory team.
  • Applicants who intend to commence their Placement immediately before, or at the time a milestone is due, must have requested an extension to the milestone prior to submission of the CDA application. 
  • Applicants must not arrange travel to take place after thesis submission. Once the thesis is submitted, candidates are no longer eligible.
  • Any unspent funds must be returned to the Graduate School.
  • If the placement is cancelled or you do not successfully complete the full Placement, you will be required to refund the CDA to the Graduate School
  • Successful applicants must submit a Report on Travel and a reconciled budget with scanned copies of airfare and accommodation receipts to the Graduate School within one month of their return.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that additional funds are available to supplement the award, if required.

Incomplete applications will not be considered; applicants are responsible for providing the required documentation and the Graduate School will not follow up with individuals.