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Available to: 
Current Student
Level of study: 
Postgraduate Coursework
Australian and Permanent Residents or NZ citizens

This scholarship would suit students who aim to operate their own clinic in the future.

Award value:
Applications open: 
1 January 2016
Applications close: 
28 July 2016
  • Eligibility

    1. You must be currently enrolled in an approved University or TAFE institution situated in Australia.
    2. Please send in a current CV that includes your full name, email address and phone number. We also require a confirmation of enrolment letter from your university or TAFE institution.
    3. Any work experience obtained previously in the health sector.
    4. You need to include in your application a summary of why you have embarked on a career in the healthy industry, and why you might like to work in or operate a private practice. Also include particulars of what you would like to learn from this opportunity and how you will share this information with other students and colleagues.
    5. This scholarship is a learning opportunity especially suited to students of psychology, counselling and social work. However we will also consider applications from candidates studying medicine, allied health (physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy, occupational therapy), chiropractics and osteopathy.
    6. The awarded student consents to having their full name, a recent photo and name of the University they are enrolled in at the time of the award, being published on this page so that people may verify, in subsequent years, the validity of this scholarship.
    7. Of course, it will not be possible to show the successful applicant patient records or similar.

    The successful scholarship applicant will:

    • Have the opportunity to come and observe our operational routine - outside of patient sessions.
    • Learn about the operational structure and decision flow.
    • Learn about promotion, referrals, management of patient queries, appointments, intake, finances, administration and other aspects of our operation.
    • Have the opportunity to come to the clinic or conduct remote meetings through online mediums like Skype.

    While relatively unstructured, this mentorship program would allow the successful scholarship applicant to learn from a qualified, professional team of therapists in private practice (or just the principal psychotherapist, depending on therapist availability and specific learning objectives of the student).

    Depending on what areas the student would like to focus on, the scholarship program would be adapted to the individual student’s learning and interest requirements. We encourage feedback at the end of the meeting.

Bayside Psychotherapy were approached by a number of students requesting placement opportunities and the chance to work directly with patients. Our high standards of patient care, and desire to support the development of student health practitioners has prompted the creation of a mini scholarship.
Award benefits: