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Enrolment status New students, Currently enrolled students
Student type Domestic students
Level of study Higher Degree by Research
Study area Engineering and Computing, Medicine, Science and Mathematics
HDR funding type Grant
Scholarship value $33,205 per annum
Scholarship duration The award will be made for one year in the first instance. It is expected that this scholarship will be used as a bridging scholarship and that the successful applicants will apply for other scholarships in the first year.
Opening date 2 October 2019
Closing date 27 October 2019


An opportunity exists for an Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases (ASID)-Australia and New Zealand Mycoses Interest Group (ANZMIG) scholarship (up to $33, 205 p.a.) to support research towards a PhD degree.

The project towards a PhD should have a focus in an area of clinical, applied laboratory or basic science mycology.

The proposed work:

  • May comprise a project in its early stage of execution, i.e. have started within the first year prior to enrolment into a PhD, OR
  • One that is still under development but is sufficiently mature to finalise and commence within the first year of enrolment into a PhD.


  1. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Australia OR New Zealand.
  2. The applicant must become a financial member/associate member of ASID (for a minimum of 12 months) and in doing so must have nominated to join the sub-interest group, ANZMIG.
  3. The applicant must be eligible to enrol and have the intention of enrolling into a PhD program at an Australian OR New Zealand tertiary institution.
  4. The applicant must be based in Australia or New Zealand for the majority of the PhD research (i.e. two-thirds).
  5. The applicant must have discussed their application and have been accepted for supervision by their supervisors or nominated supervisors.
    • One of the supervisors must be an active member of ANZMIG. (An active member of ANZMIG is defined as a person who actively participates in guidelines development, research activities (e.g. protocol development, recruitment, analysis) and attends a minimum of one face-to-face business meeting per year).
  6. The project should be relevant to one or more aspects of medical mycology and can include veterinary sciences, applied laboratory mycology or basic science research and align with the objectives of ANZMIG (e.g. multicenter research project) Version 4.0: Dated 24 April 2019: ANZMIG Executive Committee
  7. Applications for part-time PhD research are welcome. The reasons for wishing to pursue part-time PhD research must be outlined in the application (e.g. carer’s duties). Applications from those wishing to pursue part-time work and part-time PhD research will be considered (see terms and condition for ratio). However, it is desirable that the successful applicant will pursue full-time PhD research.
  8. The project must not have been completed or nearing completion (i.e. >50% of the research towards a PhD award must not be completed by the time of application).
  9. The applicant must have demonstrated ability to collaborate with the relevant stakeholders.
  10. The applicant must have demonstrated ability to conduct independent research.
  11. The applicant must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be proficient in English.
Applications are closed.

Before you get started

If this scholarship has rules, download and read them.

Applications are closed.


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Applications are closed.