The world's ongoing ecological sustainability challenges have created an opportunity to re-evaluate the design, manufacture and use of aerospace vehicles. This industry partnership project aims to examine the detailed business model, including the life cycle profits and costs, of an un-crewed aircraft system program, identifying opportunities and scenarios for innovation in the business model towards advising on the design of ambitious and innovative options for a business model for sustainability (BMfS) that is economically and ecologically sound.

The successful candidate will collaborate with stakeholders to develop a detailed assessment of the existing/proposed business model (i.e., the baseline) for the critical manufacturing and use pathways of the aerospace vehicle program.

This data will then be used to undertake business model analyses, including alternative cost and revenue scenarios of the program based on consideration of alternative sustainability-enhancing design and end-use pathways and risks. The project will be completed using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

About the candidate

This project would suit someone with a business strategy, innovation and / or entrepreneurship, business for sustainability, sustainable supply chain management or other relevant disciplinary background.

Practical experience working with the concept and application of business models in industry would be advantageous.

A working knowledge of business model innovation and qualitative research methodologies to design and conduct interviews with stakeholders is desirable.