Current Student

You do not need to reapply. Scholarship recipients will receive a Scholarship Renewal form at the beginning of each semester which will need to be completed and returned to the Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes Office.

You must ensure that your address details are up-to-date in mySI-net so that you receive this form in time.

General Scholarship FAQs

Each award has different rules and conditions. Scholarships that are sponsored by industry groups will often include a condition that prevents a student from holding another, similar scholarship.  You should check the rules of the scholarship/s for which you are applying to see if there are any conditions attached.

Normally scholarships will be paid in twice-yearly instalments within a month of the semester 1 and the semester 2 census dates (subject to the recipient meeting the ongoing eligibility requirements of their award).  Students are financially liable for any courses in which they are enrolled as at the semester census dates.

  • Semester 1 census date:          31 March each year
  • Semester 2 census date:          31 August each year

Scholarship payments are made via electronic funds transfer direct to your nominated bank account. Depending on the scholarship you have been awarded, you will either be sent an email from the Undergraduate Scholarships Office asking you to provide your banking details or you will be instructed to enter these on your mySI-net record.

Some scholarships for commencing students may be deferred for up to one year. Once commenced, approval to suspend a scholarship will normally only be given where there are exceptional circumstances preventing a student from studying in a semester (evidence will be required).  Please check the conditions of your scholarship for further information or contact the Undergraduate Scholarships Office  or email to

The majority of scholarships offered at UQ are intended to support full-time students (ie students enrolled in at least 6 units per semester). Approval to continue receiving payments while studying part-time may be granted only in exceptional circumstances and evidence in support of any such request will be required. Any changes to your semester study load should be reported to the Undergraduate Scholarships Office.

Undergraduate scholarships are not generally considered income for tax purposes. For more information on whether or not your scholarship is taxable please use the Australian Tax Office Scholarship decision tool.

Students are able to receive up to $7,310 in university scholarships before there is an impact on their Centrelink payments. However,  ALL scholarships should still be reported to the Department of Human Services.

Students requiring a scholarship statement to provide to Centrelink should contact the Undergraduate Scholarships Office.

Some scholarships will require the recipient to remain enrolled in a specific program/s. Students in receipt of a scholarship that is not discipline-specific will generally be able to transfer to another program during the tenure of their scholarship. Students should check the scholarship rules and/or Terms and Conditions regarding any conditions pertaining to their award.   Scholarship recipients should also notify the Undergraduate Scholarships Office if they make any changes at all to their study plans. Scholarships are not normally transferable between institutions.

A request to ‘show cause’ is sent to scholarship holders who have failed to meet any of the conditions of their award eg failed to achieve the required semester  GPA, failing to remain enrolled in a full-time load etc.  

Students who are sent a “show cause” notice should respond by the due date, providing an explanation of why they failed to meet the requirement and where possible, providing evidence which supports their claims eg if failure to meet the GPA requirement or F/T study load is due to medical reasons, then a letter from the treating practitioner should be provided.

Academic Scholarships


31 October 2015

Academic Scholarship applications close. All supporting documentation must be received no later than 5.00pm on Friday 31 October, 2015. Documentation received after this time/date will not be accepted. If you are posting your documents from overseas or interstate, please allow ample time for delivery.

Early January 2016

Applicants who have been selected for an Academic Scholarship notified via email and post.

Unsuccessful applicants will NOT be contacted. If you have not received any notification from the Scholarships Office by end-January 2016, your application for an Academic Scholarship has not been successful.

Unfortunately no.  Due to the limited number of scholarships available, not all OP 1 applicants will be successful.

Do not send original documents.  For most scholarship applications (eg. Academic Scholarships), photocopies are acceptable.

Please contact the administrator of the scholarship program to check if your photocopies need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Declarations.

No.  Bonus points applied  as a result of undertaking a language other than English, Maths C or enhanced studies, or applied as a consequence of a special entry program will NOT apply for the purposes of determining academic rank for one of these scholarships.

No - You only need to submit the 1 application to be considered for the UQ Vice-Chancellor's, UQ Excellence and UQ Merit Scholarships.

Academic Achievement:
Only outstanding academic achievements in Years 11-12 will be considered.  For example, medallists, state or national finalist or students receiving a high distinction in a nation-wide competition.  For example, UNSW ICAS Maths Competition, RACI Aust National Chemistry Quiz, Aust Space Design Competition, Bond Uni Mooting Competion.

School subject awards will NOT be considered.

Only signficant leadership roles will be considered.  For example, School Captain, Sporting Captain or coach, prefect, SRC office-bearer (eg President, Treasurer).

Community Service:
Only significant and sustained community service will be considered. For example, Active Volunteer Surf Lifesaver, regular volunteer for Eddie's Van or Rosies, Friends on the Street Outreach (or similar), The Smith Family Students to Student Reading Program volunteer. Participating in one-off doorknock appeals (eg. Red Shield) or fund-raisers will not generally be considered.

The sample application form which can be viewed prior to commencing your online application provides a more comprehensive list of examples.

You can update your scholarship bank account details by following these steps:

  1. Login to mySI-net.
  2. In the left hand Menu, click on Financial.
  3. Click on Scholarship Bank Details.
  4. Update your bank account details.

All applications (both online and supporting documentation) must be received by 5 p.m. Saturday 31st October, 2015.

You will receive an electronic confirmation of application lodgement to your nominated email account within 48 hours of submission.  If you do not receive this email, please contact the Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes Office by email to or phone 07 3365 7113.

Please email the Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes Office at with your full name, QTAC number and an explanation of the information which needs to be amended. Please note that you will need to provide hard-copy evidence that supports any changes you make to the academic achievements, leadership and community service sections in your online form. Changes can only be accepted until Tuesday 1 December 2015.

  • UQ Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships are automatically awarded to all applicants who achieve at the very top of the OP1 band (or ATAR equivalent).
  • UQ Excellence and UQ Merit Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a range of factors including but not necessarily limited to academic achievement, demonstrated leadership and/or community service, financial need, program preferences and secondary school attended.

The award of scholarships is entirely at the discretion of The University of Queensland and no appeals regarding the non-award of an Academic Scholarship will be entered into. Please refer to the Academic Scholarship Information and Rules for more detailed information regarding the University's selection policies.

Yes. UQ Academic Scholarships are available to current Year 12 students as well as students who have taken a gap year as long as they have not undertaken any university studies during that time.

International and New Zealand students

If you are intending to study at UQ, and you are an international student, you may be eligible for financial support through a range of scholarships or through financial aid provided by your home government. 

For further information please visit the UQ International website.

New Zealand citizens are considered an 'Australian domestic student' under the University’s Fee Rules and are therefore eligible to apply for any scholarships available to “domestic students”, unless the scholarship rules specifically exclude them.

You are considered an international student if you are NOT :

  • an Australian citizen
  • An Australian Permanent Resident,
  • A New Zealand citizen. A holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa

Temporary residents of Australia are also classified as international students.  International students require a Student Visa to undertake their studies in Australia.

The Australian Government provides a large number of scholarships to qualified international students intending to study at UQ. There are also a number of scholarship opportunities for international students provided by faculties and schools.

If you are an international student who has completed years 11 and 12 at a school within Australia, you may be eligible for an Academic Scholarship.

Transfer Students

The Academic Scholarship and UQ-Link Access programs are only open to new students who have not previously studied at University. However, there are other scholarships that you may be eligible for, particularly in your  study area.  Please use the search facility on this website to find scholarships that may be relevant to you, your discipline area or year of study.